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THANK YOU for Shopping at Franciscan Organic Seeds! We only carry Fresh, Organic Vegetable and Flower Seeds sourced through Certified Organic Growers and Distributors. Your Purchases Help Support Our Ecumenical Franciscan Christian Ministry Promoting WORLD PEACE in over 40 Countries Worldwide.

It has been said that “All the World’s Problems can be Solved in a Garden” (Geoff Lawton) and if we combine it with the Wisdom of the “Prayer of St. Francis” which says, “Let Me Sow LOVE”… We can definitely work closer together to achieve WORLD PEACE! We like to say, “Let US Sow LOVE!

Help your local Community Garden, Food Bank or Homeless Shelter by purchasing a “Monastery Vegetable Garden Collection” whose volunteers can donate the abundant harvest from your seed donation to those in need in your community. Fresh Produce is usually very difficult for Food Banks to acquire, so anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated.

If you have any problems or questions, send an email to and he would be happy to help!

THANK YOU… “Pax et Bonum” – “Peace & All Good!”

Let us Sow LOVE! Franciscan Organic Seeds